Peel and Stick Brick Wallpaper Murals for your home decor by giffywalls

If you desire a classical brick wall inside your home, get a hassle-free peel and stick brick wallpaper for walls to enhance the ambiance of your room. These ultimate brick wallpapers work best with the offices, houses, homes, and lobby walls. The brick wallpaper mural will leave you flabbergasted with the realistic feel it gives once installed in a room.

The brick wallpapers come in many different colors black brick wallpapers, red, brown, and white as well. Inspired by the grunge style and concrete textures Giffywalls offer a wide spectrum of peel and stick brick wallpaper walls.

Urban Grunge

Who doesn’t love a statement wall in their home? Get a trendsetter wall of the year to make your home more appealing with the everlasting brick wallpapers. The urban grunge creates an aesthetic effect on the wall. The distressing effect of the different brown shades on the brick wallpaper works perfectly against the urban grunge white brick wallpapers.

The distressing and the shadows of the grout make it more realistic. It can be installed in any of the spaces in the home. The versatility of the wallpaper works in every space. Pairing with any solid-colored furniture or brown furniture will work well with urban grunge.

Red Bricks

Adding that one statement piece of art on the brick walls gives it an appealing view. The interior of the house improves in no time when red brick wallpaper is installed to give it more embellishments. The elegance and volumes of the red brick wallpaper mural speak of the work as a complete amuser.

Red brick wallpapers will never go out of style. The bohemian furniture works exceptionally great with this brick mural. It has an enhancing yet ancient vibe to space. The rustic and gold things can be paired to complete the nostalgic vibes of the wallpaper.


Bewitching Black

Nothing works better in terms of elegance than pure white or pure black. The pure bewitching black brick wallpapers have their charm and elegance to offer. Keep everything subtle and not too loud and yet classic. The striking black color of the wall completes quite luxurious to it.

The faux brick accent of the wall is pure bliss to sense the vibe of accomplishment. The texture and the slight white shadows of the wall give a realistic look to the wallpaper. The bewitching black brick wallpaper can be paired with traditional as well as modern styled furniture because of the versatility the wallpaper holds.


Pink Picturesque

Looking for an ideal choice of colors in the brick wallpapers style, pink will be an essence of love in the wallpaper. The statement wallpaper with some pop of color will never go wrong. Add a blush pink color to the faux brick wallpapers. The simply elegant soft berry pink-colored brick wallpaper provides complete sophistication.

Adding the textured pink brick murals will delicately improve the look of the space. Watch your space automatically brighten up with the blush pink picturesque wallpaper. Add solid color furniture to compliment the statement look.


Urban Brick

Achieving a bare brick wall look, in reality, is quite a literal task. The urban brick wallpaper has modern faux brick textures. The earthiness and the neutral tones come together as a real brick visual. Bring the bare brick wall look with the urban brick mural.

The design of brick peel and stick wallpaper has white grout separation which gives a real effect to the brick wallpaper. The rustic visuals of the brick and the dark brown color of the wallpaper make a wall feature a look to the wall. The calmness of the urban brick peel and stick wallpaper is enhanced by the use of bohemian furniture.


Last words:

Sometimes too many things distress the view of the wallpaper and sometimes covering up all the walls of the house is not a good idea. Think about the design you want to use to get a statement brick wall. Giffywalls offers photorealistic urban brick wall murals.


Start from one end:

Start peeling the white paper from one end of the removable wall mural. Starting from one ensures that you don’t get bubbles when you start sticking it on the wall.

The wall should be pre-cleansed:

Make sure the wall on which the wallpaper is to be stick is pre-cleansed and there is no dust particle present on the wall when you start sticking the wallpaper.

Use on feature wall:

Don’t overuse the brick peel and stick wallpaper. If you use it on every side of the wall it will look less appealing. Make a statement to enhance and bring out the bare brick beauty of the wallpaper.

Here are some extraordinary brick wallpapers to make a featured wall in your house and give it a more realistic look.

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