Kids Room wallpaper

Kids Room wallpaper

Satiate your child's imagination with our wide variety of kids' wallpaper designs. Kids are creative and imaginative and hence their imagination needs to be fuelled by surrounding them with age-appropriate paraphernalia and their rooms top the list since they spend a lot of time there. Our mind-blowing collection of kids' wallpapers includes scenes with animals in the wild or animated characters like fairy tales and other cute motifs, the jungle safari themed  wallpapers or pastel shaded mountain ranges, or the amazing animated world map wallpaper designs. So go ahead and pamper your little champ as they set out to create their own bespoke space.

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  1. Grey Kids Animated Motifs Wallpaper Mural

  2. Kids Animated Fawn Wallpaper Mural

  3. Jungle Adventure Animals Wallpaper Mural

  4. Tropical Plants & Animals Wallpaper Mural

  5. Kids’ Animated Fairy Castle Wallpaper Mural

  6. Kids Jungle Monochrome Wallpaper Mural

  7. Underwater Kids Room Wallpaper Mural

  8. Kids Animated Dreamland Wallpaper Mural

  9. Safari Animals Wallpaper Mural

  10. Underwater Fish wallpaper Murals

  11. Tropical Animals & Birds Wallpaper Mural

  12. Kids Landscape Balloons Wallpaper Mural

  13. Kids Animated Motifs Wallpaper Mural

  14. Kids Continent World Map Wallpaper Mural

  15. Kids Wonderland World Map Wallpaper Mural

  16. Kids Room World Map Wallpaper Mural

  17. Kids Jungle Explorer Wallpaper Mural

  18. Kids Mountains & Planes Wallpaper Mural

  19. Cute Baby Room Wallpaper Mural

  20. Kids’ World Map Animal Wallpaper Mural

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