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Peel and Stick Wallpaper - Murals by Creative Team

We’ve a vast collection of Wallpaper mural, which we print with extra care by team Giffy. We are happy to help you to get tremendous peel & stick wallpaper-murals.
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Abstract Wallpaper


Watercolor Wallpaper


Mountain Wallpaper



Our customers are totally satisfied and buy it again. See for yourself!

Best Quality Wallpapers Online

Wall Surfaces

Black Beauty

Black Beauty - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Black Gold

Black Gold - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Classy Crack

Classy Crack - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Good Wood

Good Wood - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Trees & Leaves


Gold-Rimmed - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Fantastic Florals

Fantastic Florals - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Vintage Palms

Vintage Palms - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²


Tropical - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Kids Wallpaper

Summer Time

Summer Time - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Kids Dreamland

Kids Dreamland - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Curious Continents

Curious Continents - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Lilting Lullaby

Lilting Lullaby - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²





your Design

Select form our Master Collection of Wallpaper Murals of Repeat Patterns

Your Wall Sizes

Measure and enter your wall dimensions or repeat patterns wallpaper panels as per wall needs. 2and Select Material which you love

We Print &

Team Giffy produces your wallpaper 3 mural and sends you within 5 to 9 Days.
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On every purchase, we grow a tree

Stunning Interior Décor Ideas


Blackberry Vines

Blackberry Vines - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Mountain Glory

Mountain Glory - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Monochrome Jungle

Monochrome Jungle - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Marvelous Mountain

Marvelous Mountain - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²


Gorgeous Grey

Gorgeous Grey - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Arabian Style

Arabian Style - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Vintage World Map

Vintage World Map - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²


Chic Chinoiseries

Chic Chinoiseries - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Midnight Beauty

Midnight Beauty - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Blue Gold

Blue Gold - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

Arch Allure

Arch Allure - Whishlist

$2.90 / ft²

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Trust! Giffy Walls Make it Precious

We print since 2004, our team belongs to the signage industry, now we are working in home decor products globally with Hi-tech machinery.
Our hassle less process of ordering wallpaper is easy, safe, and trustworthy. Wide range of designer wallpaper & murals patterns
Environment-friendly materials & inks, Safe for the child.
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Free shipping on all orders worldwide*

Why Choose Giffywalls?

Giffywalls has the widest collection of wallpaper murals with aesthetic designs that will suit your palette. With a plethora of patterns and designs available on our website, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Be it a subtle backdrop to your space or the introduction of a bold element, we have it all, as your tastes and desires top our mind. We strive each day to live up to the Giffy Code: Inspiration • Imagination • Innovation

Wallpaper : An Effortless Transformation of Your Interior Decor

Struggling with home decor? Tired of the usual wall paint? Try wallpaper murals.

Wallpapers are the most popular solution for an instant metamorphosis of your space without much ado. Gone are the days when painting meant mess to your space, the time involved, and touch-up woes due to cracks and chipping. All in all, wall paints are now rather primitive. Wallpaper murals, provide you with a creative and artistically modern alternative that enables you to showcase your flair for discerning styles in interior decor. The transformation in your space is that of superlative grandeur that is impossible to achieve with monotone paints.

Wallpapers made an appearance in the 1960s and the trend then was to affix wallpapers on every wall in the room. This made rooms look overwhelming and heavy in design and hence, lost appeal with homeowners and interior decorators. Cut to the present day, wallpaper murals are used to create a single statement wall that resonates with the other features of the space, giving it a look of pure magnificence and one that becomes a talking point with your guests. With changing trends in technology, it is now possible to choose from an array of stunning designs, patterns, and colors.

The peel and stick on wallpapers with the DIY option, have been a revolutionary breakthrough and are much in demand due to the change in social norms during a pandemic with far-reaching effects as COVID. Wallpapers today can imitate marble and gold foil effects along with captivating artworks of the much popular Alcohol Ink Art and photorealistic designs in 3D wallpapers in nature and city lights. Wallpaper murals come coated with a film which makes them easy to clean and hence can last for years together as against paint which may be rendered dull due to repeated scrubbing. A renter's delight, wallpapers are the best go-to option for those on the move in temporary accommodation, yet are looking for a refurbishment that is personalized and can be removed without leaving traces

About Our Designs :

Choose your design as per the room's utility or the ambiance you desire to create in your room. Wallpapers can take your Home décor or Office décor several notches higher with our outstanding collection of designs that will instantaneously upscale your scale. Living room wallpapers can be chosen depending upon the look you aspire to create. For a formal or a Victorian appearance to your space, choose from the regal Damask patterns or our bedazzling Marble pattern wallpapers.

Alcohol Ink Art wallpapers will cast a mesmerizing charm on your pad. For a quirky look, go for the Abstract Wallpapers or the Bohemian Wallpaper designs. Striped Wallpapers are used to decorate a feature wall in the room and give an air of expansiveness to space. An artsy look can be infused with our special Art Deco wallpaper offerings.

That 70s look can be introduced with our Retro & Vintage wallpaper collection. Metallic finish wallpapers give an antiquated look that is totally on-trend. Bedroom wallpapers in our exceptional Floral Wallpaper collection or the Nature collection will leave your enthralled. Infuse peace and tranquillity with our Mountain wall designs or the unique Leaves collection for a verdant fresh look to lull yours into a deep slumber.

Some owners prefer the Tropical or the Botanical wallpaper collection for the Dining area, as it lends an outdoorsy and calming effect to the interiors as most family conversations take place at the dining table. Our Kitchen collection is worth a look with its fruity Lemony wallpaper or the Metallic finish wallpaper s that bring a set s the tone of the room. For your Study room or the den, use our unusual Brick wallpapers or for an urban grunge look, the Industrial collection is best suited.

Satiate your kids' imagination with our mind-blowing collection of Kids wallpapers for the Nursery Area with the Jungle Safari collection or the vibrant World Map collection. Animated Cartoon wallpaper collection is much sought after by the little juniors. An unmissable part of our collection is the one for our young juveniles, the Teenagers, we have remarkable designs to suit their young tastes and preferences

The Office or the Commercial spaces can be adorned with Geometric wallpapers to infuse a sense of orderliness due to the general symmetry of such designs. World Map designs also look great in such settings. Educational institutions can choose from our wide educative series of designs to make their interiors more appealing and creative.

About Our Quality :

We ensure sustainable sourcing of our paper and use water-based inks that are odorless and safe. Our inks are UL ECOLOGY®, UL GREEN GUARD GOLD Certified. Hence, all our prints meet the AgBB criteria, International Wallcovering Industry Standards. We also make use of the state-of-the-art GREEN GUARD certified HP LATEX printer, which is the most awarded printing technology in the world. Not only does it ensure the highest quality output, but also guarantees that our product are eco-friendly

And what's more, we plant one tree on every purchase with the concept deeply embedded in my mind. Thus, when you buy from Giffywalls, be rest assured about the quality.

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