bricks wallpaper


Use brick wallpapers to create a ravishing space for yourself. In addition, you can pair beautiful furniture and modern styles with it.

Why People Rave about brick wallpapers?

There is a reason people rave and hype over the brick wallpaper design. But is it worth every hype? It is worth every hype because it helps you achieve the look and the texture you want to give to the walls for transformation.

The sole purpose of the peel and stick wallpaper is for saving the customers time and make it easier to use. However, you need to just peel the paper behind the wallpaper and stick it by pressing softly. And Voila! Done.

Benefits of Peel and Stick wallpaper

You can DIY it but taking few things into consideration. Adding a brilliant backdrop to the walls and creating a perfect statement without any hassle, peel and stick wallpaper works just right. You need to start peeling from one end of the wallpaper and press it softly in the same direction to avoid bubbles in the wallpaper.

Quick Tips:

  1. If you want to go for brick wallpaper and you want to DIY the wallpaper all by yourself, Giffy walls suggest you cut the wallpaper alternatively. Like cut a brick extra alternatively to let it fit with the other half.
  2. Paint the wall with similar color as the wallpaper and the painted wall will act as a base for the wallpaper. Because this way, the brick wallpaper will not have any void spaces peeking out of the wallpaper.

Gorgeous Grey

Gorgeous grey wallpaper is for people who love simple transformation and not a loud one. So go for something which is quite soothing for the eyes and doesn’t give a very loud effect to the wall. So this gorgeous grey brick faux wallpaper will work just right for you. The grey features are touched with black and white brick strips to give it a more realistic look.

How, Where and What to Pair:

Giving the subtle vibes yet an instant makeover can be attained by the gorgeous grey brick wallpaper. The minimalistic effect creates a fresh design for the living area and bedroom. You need to just start peeling the wallpaper and stick from one corner at a time. Pair beige and neutral colors furniture to manage the vibe of the space.

Interior of spacious loft bathroom with white and grey tiled walls, comfortable bathtub, and shower stall with glass wall. Concept of the spa. 3d rendering

White Delight

Create a rustic look to your space with white delight brick wallpaper. The color white speaks off the subtleness it holds. It gives an urban chic mixture to space. White delight wallpaper has textures that create a realistic effect of the faux brick on the wall.

How, Where and What to Pair:

The discoloration at some places gives a more realistic look to the wallpaper. In other words, the contemporary rustic look enhances the statement wall and instantly improves the interiors. Bright and solid-colored furniture goes well with the vibe of the brick wallpaper.

Interior of the comfortable bathroom with white walls, wooden floor, cozy white bathtub, and wooden wall master bedroom in the background. 3d rendering

Black Beauty

The elegance and the sleekest look can be achieved by the black beauty wallpaper. The geek sophistication of the black brick wallpaper has charm and classic style to it. In addition, the fines texture on the wallpaper holds the beauty of the color black. So to create a perfect mural wall black beauty brick wallpaper will work just right for you.

How, Where and What to Pair:

The perfect eye-catcher who has an impeccable taste of classic and who is a chosen buyer you will look for a brick wallpaper. However, the brick wallpaper has some statement to it. Complement the brick wallpaper with neutral colors to create a more solid style.

Front view of spacious luxury bathroom interior with white walls, concrete floor, comfortable stone bathtub, and chair with towels and beauty products. 3d rendering

Urban Grunge

Give the flavor and the twist which your wall needs to be transformed. The urban grunge brick wallpaper will make your space look more appealing. This wallpaper will enhance the look of your feature wall because the distressing effects of the browns in between the white brick wallpaper create a perfect look.

How, Where and What to Pair:

The hand-painted designs help it look more real and it is a visual treat for the guests to see such beautiful textured walls in the home. However, rejuvenate the space with wallpaper and solid-colored furniture styling.

White bedroom in the attic with a white wooden ceiling, a white floor and a white and a gray wall, a large window, and a bed with a table standing near it. Side view. 3d rendering mockup


A true showstopper and the stunner look can be achieved by the brick wallpaper. The finishing touch of the peel and stick wallpaper is a path-breaker. So Giffy walls are here to offer you premium quality wallpapers to meet the clients’ expectations. Above all, we respect our clients’ decisions.

If you desire a classical brick wall inside your home, get a hassle-free peel and stick brick wallpaper to enhance the ambiance of your room. These ultimate brick wallpapers work best with the offices, house, home, lobby walls. The brick wallpaper will leave you flabbergasted with the realistic feel it gives once installed in a room.

The brick wallpaper comes in many different colors black brick wallpaper, red, brown, and white as well. Inspired by the grunge-style and concrete textures Giffy walls offer a wide spectrum of peel and stick brick wallpaper.


Start from one end:

Start peeling the white paper from one end of the wallpaper. Starting from one ensures that you don’t get bubbles while you start sticking it on the wall.

Wall should be pre-cleansed:

Make sure the wall on which the wallpaper is to be stick is pre-cleansed and there is no dust particle present on the wall when you start sticking the wallpaper.

Use on feature wall:

Don’t overuse the brick wallpaper. If you use it on every side of the wall it will look less appealing. Make a statement to enhance and bring out the bare brick beauty of the wallpaper.

Here are some extraordinary brick wallpapers to make a featured wall in your house and give it a more realistic look.

Urban Grunge

Who doesn’t love a statement wall in their home? Get a trendsetter wall of the year to make your home more appealing with the everlasting brick wallpaper. The urban grunge creates an aesthetic effect on the wall. The distressing effect of the different brown shades on the brick wallpaper works perfectly against the urban grunge white brick wallpaper.

The distressing and the shadows of the grout make it more realistic. It can be installed in any of the spaces in the home. The versatility of the wallpaper works in every space. Pairing with any solid colored furniture or brown furniture will work well with the urban grunge.

Cozy home office desk with laptop and supplies. Business and lifestyle concept. 3D Rendering

Red Bricks

Adding that one statement piece of art on the brick walls has its appealing view. The interior of the house improves in no time when a red brick wallpaper is installed to give it more embellishments. The elegance and volumes the red brick wallpaper speaks works as a complete amuser.

Redbrick wallpaper will never go of style. The bohemian furniture works exceptionally great with this brick wallpaper. It has an enhancing yet ancient vibe to space. The rustic and gold things can be paired to complete the nostalgic vibes of the wallpaper.

A row of red chairs standing in a public place with white walls. Some of them are covered with barrier tape. Concept of social distancing and covid 19 lockdown easing. 3d rendering

Bewitching Black

Nothing works best in terms of elegance than a pure white or pure black. The pure bewitching black brick wallpaper has its charm and elegance to offer. Keeping everything subtle and not too loud and yet classic. The striking black color of the wall completes quite luxurious to it.

The faux brick accent of the wall is pure bliss to sense the vibe of accomplishment. The texture and the slight white shadows of the wall give a realistic look to the wallpaper. The bewitching black brick wallpaper can be paired with traditional as well as modern styled furniture because of the versatility the wallpaper holds.

Spacious luxury bathroom interior with white walls, concrete floor, comfortable stone bathtub, and chair with towels and beauty products. 3d rendering

Pink Picturesque

Looking for an ideal choice of colors in the brick wallpaper style, pink will be an essence of love in the wallpaper. The statement wallpaper with some pop of color will never go wrong. Add a blush pink color to the faux brick wallpaper. The simply elegant soft berry pink-colored brick wallpaper provides complete sophistication.

Add the textured pink brick wallpaper will delicately improve the look of the space. Watch your space automatically brightens up with the blush pink picturesque wallpaper. Add solid color furniture to compliment the statement look.

Urban Brick

Achieving a bare brick wall look, in reality, is quite a literal task. The urban brick wallpaper has modern faux brick textures. The earthiness and the neutral tones come together as a real brick visual. Bring the bare brick wall look with the urban brick wallpaper mural.

The design of brick wallpaper has white grout separation which gives a real effect of the brick wallpaper. The rustic visuals of the brick and the dark brown color of the wallpaper make a wall featured a look to the wall. The calmness of the urban brick wallpaper enhances by the use of bohemian furniture.

Interior background of living room with wooden side table over white wall 3d render

Last words:

Sometimes too many things distress the view of the wallpaper and sometimes covering up all the walls of the house is not a good idea. Think about the design you want to use to get a statement brick wall. Giffy walls offer photorealistic urban brick wallpapers.