Vintage Floral Mural Wallpaper

Give a lift to your space with antique and timeless floral mural wallpaper. Enduring your space with ageless vintage wallpapers. Create a sophisticated glimpse and enhance the charm of the interiors of your home. Vintage florals with daisies, roses, orchids, sunflowers, and pearl dainty flowers. However, Giffywalls offers an array of visually appealing floral mural wallpapers.

Navy Flowers

Navy flowers wallpaper has repeated peach and navy flowers all over the wallpaper. Convert your space into a vertical showcase. The watercolor hand-painted gives a more chic vibe to the wall. The contrasting colors of the flowers peach and navy colors complement each other perfectly. The intricate pattern of the flowers and the leaves has the essence of freshness.

When and How to Use:

Give ultimate sophistication to your living room and infuse the freshness of the garden with the vintage floral wallpaper for walls. However, using soft-color furniture and styling it with wallpaper can be the cherry on the cake.


Dark Beauty

Create an extra drama for your home with the elegant vintage floral wallpaper mural. The classic white, pink, and black colors of the flowers pop out beautifully. The white and black floral mural wallpaper for wall is nevertheless a beautiful combination to perk up any space. Sometimes, the dark backdrop works simply amazingly in a space.

Where and How to Use:

The glamour of the dark beauty wallpaper has impeccable competition in itself. One can use the floral mural wallpaper to amplify their living room and in their bedroom as well. Also, with the wallpaper use solid colors of furniture to spellbound your guests.


Vintage Vanity

It will be wrong if you don’t talk about sophistication when considering the vintage. This lovely vintage wallpaper mural has tree branches with floral prints and pigeons over the wallpaper. The print comes together upon the Tiffany blue backdrop. However, everything together gives a nostalgic vibe to the space.

Where and How to Use:

Create a European feel by giving your wall a vintage makeover. Tone the living room wall, bedroom, or even balcony to create freshness in the space. Traditional wooden furniture will work the best with the vintage vanity wallpaper.


Vintage Art Flowers

The understated elegance of the vintage art flower wallpaper has the power to grace the walls. The repeated pattern of grey and off-white flowers on the wallpaper just feels nostalgic. It let us remember the old-time décor of the house. The darker shade of grey pops out on the lighter shade perfectly.

Where and How to Use:

The simple aesthetics of the vintage art floral mural wallpaper is perfect to use in the living room and even in the bedroom to create subtle vibes in the room. Pair with some neutral and beige color furniture to make it all come together.


Fiery Florals

To open up the space a little add a cheer of fiery floral wallpaper. The large motifs of pastel blue color flowers on the wallpaper look as alluring as you want your space to be. The whites and the pastels blend on a white background perfectly. However, the fiery floral mural wallpaper has the power to brighten up space.

Where and How to Use:

This fiery vintage flower wallpaper for walls will be ideal to use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the guest’s room to let positivity dive into it. Infusion of love with the wallpaper with soft and pastel color furniture will make a statement look.



A vintage theme home provides nostalgia for the old times and it is evergreen. Using vintage will never make you bored of it. The antique feel it holds has a different charm to it. It adds a creative element to the feature wall.

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