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Discover the wild world with our beautiful wildlife wallpaper category. Turn any room into a stunning retreat with the best quality wildlife murals and colorful wallpapers. We have majestic lions, peaceful deer, and more in our range, bringing the enchantment of the wilderness to your home. Please choose from our wildlife custom murals for a more personalized look, or use our animal prints, design, or art style to make a wild statement now! Our wildlife wallpaper invites the outdoors in, evoking a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world that transcends time.

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What is Wildlife Wallpaper?

Wildlife wallpaper includes photos or samples of creatures and everyday scenes in the wild. The wildlife beautiful wallpaper category offers gorgeous as well as most diversified wildlife natural wallpapers to bring the beauty and calm of the natural world into your home, displaying everything from beautiful forest scenes and mountain landscapes to detailed drawings of wild animals like tigers, elephants, lion, monkey, giraffe, horse, dog, leopards, panda deer, cat, and birds. Wildlife wallpaper is among the top few choices for any space that incorporates some naturalistic or adventurous elements as a theme, thanks to its ability to make for truly dynamic and inspiring use within interior design. This makes it perfect for use in homes, offices, and commercial spaces, giving it a striking and immersive natural look.


Our Popular Wildlife Wallpaper Themes

Immerse yourself in the wild with our beautiful selection of wallpaper themes inspired by wildlife and the magnificent outdoors. Whether you love the lush greens of the forest, vibrant watercolor animals, or whimsical concert scenes, there's something for every wildlife lover.

Wildlife Forest Green Color Wallpaper Murals

Our wildlife forest green wallpaper murals depict the beauty of nature and animal life - Experiencing a peaceful lifestyle? This beautiful decor envelops your space in the botanical tranquility of a pristine forest, while creating a sanctuary within your room that you will lose yourself in. Enjoy the beauty of nature right at home.

Watercolor Wildlife Animals Wallpaper

Soft and dreamy, there is expression created in the soft brush strokes that detail the delicate beauty of wildlife, brought to life with a spectrum of soft pastel tones. Bring a spontaneous, ethereal mood to any space with this watercolor wildlife animal wallpaper, featuring fluffy animals in luscious pastels.

Savannah Summit Wildlife Mural

Enjoy the vastness of the savannah with our Savannah Peak wallpaper. This style instantly immerses you in wide open landscapes where magnificent creatures roam, and grasslands in the vast savannah with golden sunsets. Transform your room into a stunning scene paying homage to the untamed beauty of the savannah and the serene open landscapes that invite exploration with your every glance.

Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural

Immerse yourself in vibrant tropical lushness with our Wildlife Tropical Wall Mural, bursting with spirit and color. This dynamic layout features rich vegetation and jungle creatures thriving in a lively setting. Transform your room into an energetic paradise, where every inch is alive with the vivid hues and animated presence of the tropics.

Mystical Wildlife Wallpaper Mural

Enter a world of wonders with our mystical wallpaper mural, it's a place where ancient stories dance and forest spirits run across the landscape in wonder. Just as it was a world of wonders of myths and fairy tales, you can discover and lose yourself in this captivating scene. Gather some of the mystery and charm of a magical forest in your space.

Wildlife Over Earth Wallpaper Mural

Recognize the rich biodiversity of life on our planet, with our Wildlife Over Earth wallpaper mural. Around the globe, animals are featured on a panoramic capture of our world. Feel the adrenaline rush of wild life around the world with this mural that will move its representation of the creatures in our planet, decorate your space and let you discover the never-ending universe from nature on your walls.

Whimsical Wildlife Concert Wallpaper

Whimsical Wildlife Concert Wallpaper is an visual symphony depicting virtually all forest creatures getting together for a pleasant little musical number. Animals of the Forest performing a cute little concert makes for an artistic mural that adds colour to your space. A captivating accessory that can instantly transform any space into its very own stage for nature´s own Whimsical Symphony.

Storybook Wildlife Wall Mural

Embark into their magical world of faeries and forest animals with our Storybook Wildlife Wall Mural, where you will find spunky characters straight out of heart warming stories. Bold graphic elements, combined with sweeping narrative details, this mural reads like a fairy tale in your room! Enjoy enchanting escapades through whimsical interactions while creatures found within this charming spring forest feed cleverly into the forest folklore narrative.

Playful Wildlife Mural

Our playful wildlife wallpaper is fun and light-hearted, showcasing the playful moments of young animals in the wild! View in gallery This vibrant mural exudes the greatness of young animals in your area as they play and roam. It's a vibrant inclusion that brings out the freshness and playfulness of nature in any interior.

Wildlife Lantern Festival Wall Mural

Wildlife Lantern Festival Wall Mural Live your walls to these great Wildlife Lantern Fake Animals Wild things dance under a sky bright with spark-filled lanterns. Well then you might like this mural of people celebrating in the wild- perfect for illuminating your space with wonder and warmth similar to the essence of a party by lantern light. From mother nature to your living room, the wood vibes bring back the forest to your home in a magical manner.

African Wildlife Animals Forest Kids Wallpaper Mural

Encourage your little ones to dream big with our African Wildlife Animal Forest Kids Wallpaper Mural, featuring Africa's beloved wildlife in a rainbow of colours. Imagine having your own wildlife sanctuary filled with animals native to the African continent - all inside your home! A colourful and informative canvas that invites to travel and discover the great animal kingdom of Africa.

Animals Around Earth Wallpaper

Travel the world without leaving your room, by setting up our Animals Around Earth wallpaper, which zooms in to show different species in their natural environments around the world. The mural features a range of animals, representing different ecosystems in the world - all of this makes for an immersive global tour among wildlife. With an ecological panorama that goes beyond mere stains, it simultaneously enriches any space you join on a journey through the global natural world.

Get Wild with Animal Print Wallpaper

Wildlife animal print wallpaper can bring the beauty and intrigue of the natural world into the home, drastically changing any room. These themed wallpapers work well for decorating a nursery, living room, bathroom, or even an office!

Joyful Monkey Nursery Wallpaper

An ideal choice for the nursery, this engagingly cheeky monkey wallpaper features lovable monkeys scampering from tree to tree and provides enjoyment to toddlers.

Forest Wildlife Wallpaper for Kids' Room

This enchanted mural, which fits into kids' rooms, is a beautiful tapestry of wildlife in the forest, bringing nature inside to encourage learning and curiosity.

Large Wildlife Murals for Living Room

Transform your living room into an inspired retreat with one of these wildlife murals, featuring expansive natural scenes rife with power and beauty.

Wildlife Scenes for the Master Bedroom

Choose wildlife scenes to decorate your bedroom with wallpaper, ideal for relaxation and unwinding.

Waterproof Wildlife Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Make your bathroom feel like an eternal water palace with some tough-as-nails and waterproof wallpaper that brings a little bit of the beauty of nature to your private retreat. It also makes every bath a romp out in the jungle.

Easy-to-Clean Wildlife Murals for Kitchen

Choose animal print murals for kitchens that are just as beautiful but easier to clean. These murals are ideal for spaces susceptible to splashes and spills.

Professional Wildlife Themes for Office Environments

Create a serene but inspired ambiance at your office with sophisticated wildlife themes incorporating hints of nature into a corporate environment to nurture creativity and focus.

Wild Decor for Home Theaters

Improve your home theater with wild decor - thrilling wildlife scenes bring interest and excitement to your entertainment space.

All of these wildlife wallpapers are meant to help your space look better, but make sure that you remember that when buying Giffywalls wildlife wallpaper, each design is going to contribute a certain feeling to your wall to give you a mood of enjoying the wild.


Designs of wildlife wallpaper for your Area

Go through the variety of wildlife wallpaper designs to actualize the natural world in your room. Whether you're looking for realistic or stylized styles, there is something to suit all tastes.

Photographic Realism

High-definition Photography Combines the drama of the outdoors with sharp, life-like photos of animals. Best suited for saying, ''I am here!''

Artistic Illustrations

Be creative with watercolor, animal paintings, or sketches as wallpapers. The series includes a variety of artistic representations in various degrees of stylization, from earthly to abstract.

Vintage Prints

Add a bit of nostalgia to your design with vintage or retro designs. The wallpapers are based on historical wildlife prints, marrying old-world charm with nature-inspired subjects.

Tropical and Safari Themes

Plunge into thickets of tropical jungles or expansive African savannahs. These designs usually feature exotic animals in luxuriant imaginary surroundings.

Children’s Designs

Wallpapers with cartoons or stylized animals are available as fun, friendly images for a child's room to spark the imagination.

Minimalist and Modern

Choose simplicity, there are many simple wildlife designs in the minimalistic style, which focuses on clean shapes and modern aesthetics. This style also focuses on refinement and finesse in its approach to working with wildlife themes.


Transform Your Space with Our Exquisite Wildlife Wallpaper Collection

Our fantastic range of wildlife wallpaper offers a unique approach to experiencing the captivating essence of nature right in your home. If you need a big statement with life-size wildlife murals for your family room area or the perfect wallpaper for animal designs to amaze your children, we have it all and more. Whether you are looking for a pattern or have something specific in mind, Hunting & Fishing Depot has what you want regarding our wildlife wallpaper for walls. Transform your walls from dull to wow with our wildlife mural wallpaper collection — we also have peel and stick options for pain-free installation! Come in today and make your space into a wild wonderland!


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