Urban Wallpaper

Urban Wallpaper

We get creative solutions for your wall with choices of Graffiti, Cityscapes, and landscape effects perfect for impressive lifestyle. Urban Wallpaper gives an ultimate look with dashing impressions of our tremendous Wallpaper Murals. 

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  1. The Waterfront
    Mural based on the riverside view of a city
  2. Hexagon Harmony

    Hexagonal Pattern Wallpaper Mural

  3. Glam Grey

    Alcohol Ink Art Grey Wallpaper Mural

  4. Artsy Blue

    Alcohol Ink art Blue wallpaper mural

  5. Blue Alcohol

    Blue Alcohol Art Wallpaper Mural

  6. Alcohol Medley

    Alcohol Ink Medley Wallpaper Mural

  7. Alcohol Frenzy

    Alcohol Ink Art Teal Wallpaper Mural

  8. Tender Love

    Soft Peach Abstract Wallpaper Mural

  9. Retro Chic

    Patterned Retro Wallpaper Mural

  10. Chic Chinoiseries

    Chinoiserie Motifs Wallpaper Mural

  11. All That Glitters

    Textured Dual Tone Gold Wallpaper Mural

  12. Blue Gold

    Blue Gold Watercolour Wallpaper Mural

  13. Curly White Marble

    Industrial Marble Design wallpaper Murals

  14. Vintage World Map

    Vintage World Map Wallpaper Mural

  15. Dark Clouds

    Dark Concrete Wallpaper Mural

  16. Classy Cracks

    Cracks & Scratch Wallpaper Mural

  17. Chrome Charisma

    Yellow Textured Wallpaper Mural

  18. Woddy Strips

    Coloured Wooden Planks Wallpaper Mural

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