Butterfly Wallpaper

Creating a whimsical, enchanting aesthetic, butterfly wallpaper can instantly turn any room into a calming, serene sanctuary. Because of their beauty and what they symbolize - transformation and grace - butterflies are a natural for decorating. The collection features colors across the board, from soft pastels to bold hues, so there is something for every taste and preference in this collection. The ideal way to liven up a dull room in about 10 minutes without making any changes to the existing decor is to use a wallpaper butterfly that brings a dash of organic beauty to whatever nook you plan on placing it in. Our aesthetic murals can be durable and straightforward to install, making them ideal for both temporary and hook-up setups for homeowners and renters. Our designs are incredibly graceful and will awaken your walls with the loveliness of butterflies.

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What is butterfly wallpaper?

Butterfly wallpaper is a wallpaper or wallcovering that has designs or patterns of butterflies on it. The print of these room decor murals may have the image of a butterfly kept true to detail or maybe a stylized representation or an abstract translation. For units, the themes range from a rare flutter to butterflies surrounded by floral or an outdoor backdrop.


Butterfly wall murals has become a best-selling type of wallpaper due to its rich symbolism, meaning, beauty, transformation, growth, and nature. Often used in interior design to add a pop of whimsy and color, it is a trendy choice for bedrooms, nurseries, and living areas alike. Butterfly murals are a great idea because they come in different colors and finishes, so it is easy to find one that will fit the decor style and design of any room, from a modern room to a traditional room.


Beautiful wallpaper ideas to consider


Uncover the royal beauty of monarch butterfly peel and stick wallpaper for an easy-to-use experience. Perfect for renters or those who like to switch up their decor frequently, this colorful choice will leave you feeling like you're walking through a forest in your very own home. We have a fully coordinated butterfly design for nurseries, which is perfect for that fun and beautiful touch of in-room decor, offering a calm feeling for the little ones. Or so the classic elegance of the butterfly with monotone black and white murals designs. These stunning designs create a contemporary approach to a timeless design that inspires even the simplest tastes in any room. Transform your area with these magical options.


The colorful butterfly wallpapers

Black butterfly print wallpaper

Get more detail and interest with our black butterfly print murals. This elegant design is perfect whether you want to make a bold statement or add style to a room.

White butterfly wallpaper

Bring tranquility with this white butterfly pattern mural. With its understated looks, simple type brings mild positivity to the environment and makes the space feel more permeable.

Red butterfly wallpaper

Red butterfly murals inject energy. Great for brightening up a room while still providing a vibrant splash of color.

Yellow butterfly wall covering /mural

Introduce some sunshine to your surroundings with our yellow butterfly wall covering. The tone is cheery and will brighten any kitchen or playroom.

Pink butterfly Wall mural

White brightens the room, while the pink butterfly mural adds romance. Perfect for bedrooms and intimate spaces, adding an inviting feel.

Purple butterfly wallpapers

Be it a purple butterfly mural! Show creativity through this mural. It is an abundant color used in intimate places and relaxation areas.

Blue butterfly wallpaper

Make a peaceful sanctuary with our blue butterfly mural wallpaper. The muted tones are perfect for creating a calming retreat in a bedroom or bathroom.


Elegant dual-tone butterfly wallpapers

Black and white

Harking back to this classic style is our timeless black and white butterfly home decor murals. That is why this timeless duo is ideal for serving as a handsome crew to various forms of modern holiday decor.

Pink and purple

A little whimsy comes naturally with our pink and purple butterflies’ premium wallpaper. This lively blend fills rooms with warmth and personality, perfect for refreshing living rooms and bedrooms.

Blue and green

Our blue & green butter-fly premium mural will refresh your space. An island of soft colors, this restful palette is at home in areas designed for sweet dreams and serene thoughts.


Unique locations for butterfly’s wallpaper placement


Add butterfly pattern wallpaper made into a peaceful background for the bed behind. Ability to actually target your base and make it relaxing and comfortable by providing an option of desired colors to chill.


Place butterfly-style murals on one wall in the nursery to give an eye-catching look and make the room more creative. Soft, pastel shades would work to create the perfect peaceful (but not super sexy) ambiance.

Living room

In the living room, you can use butterfly-design wallpaper to paint a feature wall, which would create a beautiful focal point for the room. This can breathe new life into the room and make your decor more vibrant.


Butterfly wallpaper in a trend-driven style

3d butterfly mural wallpaper

Introducing our butterfly 3d murals, designed to make you part of the trend of immersion interiors. This product gives the hall the looks of an in-depth and fashionable space, focusing on a dynamic physical property that creates an immersive 3d effect.

Minimalist wallpaper

This butterfly minimalist murals looks set for all those interested in the trending minimalist aesthetic: clean, minimal, and not overbearing. It goes perfectly with simple designs all around. Simple and understated, with unobtrusive designs and unassuming, soft, and natural muted shades, it lifts spaces without overpowering them.

Bohemian wallpaper

Our bohemian wall murals are an eclectic blend of soulful, free-spirited styles and rich colors that evoke a warm and comforting mood in any room. Homely cannabis design with a touch of boho beauty, now that...finds a special place in our decor-friendly hearts, pairing up with any chilled home decor with a sense of style to splash out on.


Our selection of butterfly wallpapers

Butterfly pattern wallpaper

Here at bellaellaboutique.com, we have a wide range of butterfly pattern wallpaper, all of which come in a series of styles to suit your taste, from simple and dainty to grand and dramatic. It is ideal for all rooms but is perfect in this design for the pursuit of natural elegance that suits contemporary and traditional styling choices, allowing you to bring any room to life.

Butterfly theme room decor

Beautiful butterfly theme room decor to complete your look. Matching our butterfly murals perfectly, this trend can be continued through to your accessories; think curtains, cushions, and rugs to really pull together a space that is wearable and welcomes the beauty of butterflies.

Butterfly wallpaper samples

These samples give you the opportunity to view the quality and design within your own space, assisting you in making the right choice with confidence.

Butterfly murals reviews from our clients

Transformative and trendy

The 3d butterfly mural has completely transformed our living room! It serves as a conversation starter as well, and everyone inquire about it. It is one of the standout pieces, bringing depth and personality. - Yael b. (torn, Israel)

Perfect for nurseries

I have the pastel butterfly wallpaper in our nursery, and it is so cute! Installation was a snap, and this beautiful light really brightened the room! So, it seems like a soft, happy little cocoon for my baby. – Lisa b. (ga, united states)


Butterfly pattern wallpaper FAQ

What kinds of wallpaper are offered?

We have many types of wallpapers (vinyl, peel and stick, and canvas). From realistic butterfly drawings to abstract and artful butterfly designs, there is room for every taste and style.

This wallpaper will work in every room, won't it?

Yes, butterfly peel and stick murals is a beautiful touch in any room. This is especially common in bedrooms, nurseries, and living areas because the colors and patterns can have a bright and cheery look.

How to hang butterfly-style wallpaper?

Installation varies by type. The easiest to install and remove are peel-and-stick wall murals, perfect for diy beginners. At the same time, traditional wallpapers may take paste and a bit more finesse to apply.

Are there eco-friendly butter-fly wallpaper options?

Absolutely! We are conscious of the environment and provide sustainably sourced eco wallpaper made from recycled paper and printed with eco-friendly inks.

Do you have samples available to order before i make a purchase?

Of course, we will always send out samples so you can view the quality and color of your wallpaper before you buy. This helps protect you and ensures you are happy with your choice.


Get ready to redesign your space

Explore the excellent background for butterflies and how it can emphasize the nature of your squad with ease. Search for our different varieties in style, material, and color to fit perfectly into your decor. Still, trying to figure out where to start? Get your free samples today!

Questions or advice about your space? Reach out to our professional designers, who are available to guide you in achieving the ideal selection. No need to hold back your wall refresh — bring the beauty of butterflies in wallpaper murals to life today!

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