Murals Your Way’s art and photo custom wallpaper may completely transform any room in your house or place of business. Pick from tens of thousands of pieces of artwork, patterns, or images. Obtain the ideal mural wallpaper in any required size. On the premium materials of your choice, we will print the wallpaper mural you provide.

Great Selection of Custom Wallpaper for your wall 

You want your walls to be unique, so we offer a wide array of murals wallpaper designs. We offer classic paintings by the Masters, modern graphic designs, soft watercolors, kid-friendly designs, and so much more. If you want a stunning photographic image, we have plenty for you to choose from. 

  • Panoramic photos, landscapes, textured backgrounds, animal photos, nature scenes, and sports murals are just a few examples from our custom wallpaper. And if you are looking for a wallpaper pattern, we have a great selection of wallpaper mural patterns from vintage to contemporary, whatever you need! 

If you’re having trouble deciding, or can’t find the right custom wallpaper visit Giffywalls. We’d be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate wallpaper or wall mural for your walls.


Custom wallpaper for Room

Are you looking for wallpaper or custom wallpaper ideas for a particular room? For any home makeover, room update, or remodel, choosing the appropriate wallpaper for your space is an essential first step. Based on the room you’re buying for, we make it simple to browse our selection of wallpaper  for the house. Our carefully curated home categories make finding your next custom a breeze for any unique location, from bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms to kitchens, and everything in between.

Vintage Chinoiserie Floral Wallpaper Mural

To find patterned backsplashes, inviting breakfast nooks, trendy food murals, and more, browse chic and stunning kitchen murals.

Use our custom sizing choices to cover an accent wall in a gorgeously detailed macro image mural or to entirely cover a bathroom with tropical leaf pattern wallpaper. If you want to further shield bathroom mural wallpaper from moisture and humidity, think about adding our antimicrobial finish.

Pattern wallpaper

  • A kid-friendly wall painting that inspires imagination and promotes play can create a pleasant, free-spirited ambiance in a child’s bedroom. Use a kids’ map mural in a study area to promote early learning, or use a sweet pastel design wallpaper for a nursery.

Humming Birds and Flowers Retro Wallpaper

With one of our soothing watercolor wallpaper designs for the bedroom, instill a sense of calm. Or, feel reborn and renewed with a bedroom peel and stick wallpaper that promotes optimism, like one of our sunrise murals.

  • If you want to immerse yourself in a beloved national park with a panoramic landscape mural or keep your mind on the task at hand with a discrete floral pattern wallpaper, home office wallpapers and wall murals will give your workstation a professional touch.

Remember to use your fifth wall! With a tree canopy mural or a fine art fresco, ceiling murals are a great way to add opulence to your room and bring the outside inside.

Custom Wallpaper and Custom Wall Murals

Are you prepared to add customized wallpaper  and a theme to renovate your house, café, workplace, business location, workshop, or shop? These custom wallpaper are perfect for boosting your walls’ decor and giving your old, wet wall a completely fresh look.

  • You may create your own texture wallpaper with Giffywalls and your favorite images, graphics, or company logos. 

Create your walls in a way that complements the furnishings and decor already in your house while enhancing them. In accordance with your selected image, pattern, texture, and size. We will assist you in creating the ideal custom photo wallpaper.


Murals have a variety of uses. In the past, wallpapers were largely created to enhance public or private settings. But throughout time, murals have also evolved into a platform for social or political commentary. Additionally, murals may be utilized to remember or document a historical occasion.


Que1. What is the name of a wallpaper?

Any piece of graphic art that is painted or directly applied to a wall, ceiling, or other durable substrate is referred to as a mural. Graffiti, mosaic, fresco, and marooning are all types of mural techniques.

Que2. What is a wallpaper mural?

A photo, painting, or illustration is simply scaled up and printed onto removable wallpaper to create a mural. Like with conventional wallpaper, there is no recurring pattern.

Que3. How to install wallpaper?

Peel and stick is more difficult to install than our removable wallpaper! It moves around on the wall so you can precisely match the design at the seams.

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