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Vision & Mission

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Giffywalls stands as a premier and trusted brand, renowned globally for offering exquisite custom wallpapers. Our expansive range caters to various spaces, including homes, offices, and specific rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries, and dining rooms. We proudly serve major nations worldwide, encompassing the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia.

At Giffywalls, we are committed to the highest quality in home decor. Our passionate team dedicates itself to crafting innovative wallpaper designs, ensuring swift production, and providing speedy home delivery. We oversee every step, from the initial setup of a mural or wallpaper to the final product, guaranteeing a seamless experience right to your doorstep.

Our design process is meticulous and thorough. Each design is carefully chosen, rigorously tested on walls, and only then made available to our customers. Our objective is to transform your walls into a statement of art, offering a stunning range of custom wall murals in various styles such as forest, world map, abstract, artistic, and many more.

Explore our diverse collection, including peel & stick self-adhesive wallpapers in a spectrum of colours. We help you personalize your space with hues ranging from classic beige to vibrant turquoise and everything in between.

Our mission is to be the world's leading home decor company, celebrated for our quality products. Our dedicated designers and production teams work tirelessly to meet your wall decor needs, delivering our exceptional products to every corner of the globe with care and efficiency.

Our Story

Giffywalls, established in 2019 by Dipan and Pathik Patel, has its roots in an earlier venture, Bhunesh art and Vasudev Image, which began in 1999. This initial foray was built on the concept of enhancing walls and decor spaces with handmade art.

The Patel brothers embarked on a journey to blend traditional artistry with modern technology. They aimed to offer quality products on a global scale through a sophisticated and user-friendly online store. Their venture quickly evolved as they delved into the world of wallpaper, sparked by a fascination with emerging wallpaper techniques.

At the forefront of innovation, they embraced digital printing technology – a novel concept at the time. Giffywalls became the third company to adopt this advanced printing technique and the first to specialize in it online. The team at Giffywalls is passionate about wallpapering, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology to bring unique and quality products to homes and businesses worldwide.

Design Studio

Our design studio boasts a team of extraordinarily creative designers specializing in wallpaper and mural designs. They skillfully blend traditional and modern techniques, employing painting, printing, and digital sketching while rigorously experimenting with each design directly on walls. This ensures that all our wallpapers are not just designed but meticulously crafted with attention to every detail.

Our team excels in the art of colour, carefully working with a wide colour gamut to bring digitally printed wallpaper murals to life. Each design undergoes extensive testing, considering all possible aspects and viewing angles to ensure that it enhances your space in a truly remarkable way.

For those seeking personalized decor, our master designers are adept at bringing your ideas to fruition. They can expertly reconstruct and tailor designs to meet your specific vision, ensuring your walls are not just decorated but transformed into a reflection of your unique style.

Our Production

At Giffywalls, we pride ourselves on utilizing the most advanced digital wallpaper printing technology available worldwide. Our extensive experience in printing technology enables us to produce exceptionally accurate and high-quality outputs. We are committed to environmental responsibility; thus, we don't stockpile rolls in our warehouse, significantly reducing waste. Instead, each wall mural is specially crafted as a custom order in our in-house production facility, overseen by our highly skilled production team.

Our innovative approach includes a meticulously designed workflow integration process within our computer systems. This advanced system plays a crucial role in minimizing errors, ensuring that the production process is seamless and efficient. This approach guarantees that your wallpaper is not only delivered on time but also meets the highest standards of material quality and craftsmanship.

Our Tonar

Giffywalls is deeply committed to sustainability and safety in all our products. We carefully source our paper sustainably and exclusively use water-based inks that are both odourless and safe. These inks have received prestigious certifications, including UL ECOLOGY® and UL GREENGUARD GOLD, ensuring that our prints align with the AgBB criteria and meet International Wallcovering Industry Standards.

In our pursuit of environmental responsibility, we utilize the cutting-edge GREENGUARD-certified HP LATEX printer, renowned as one of the most awarded printing technologies globally. This not only ensures the highest quality of our products but also affirms our commitment to eco-friendliness. Additionally, we embody our dedication to the environment through our "new tree per purchase" initiative, planting a tree for every product sold. Therefore, when you choose Giffywalls, you can be confident in both the exceptional quality and the environmental integrity of your purchase.

On every purchase, we plant a tree

We plant one tree on every purchase with the concept deeply embedded in our minds.

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