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Trust! Team Giffywalls Work hard to give a smile on your wall.

Vision & Mission

  • Inspiration
  • Imagination
  • Innovation

Giffywalls is the most precious and trusted brand in India. We believe in the quality of home decor products. Being a Giffywalls is not an end in itself but rather a must. Our team loves to design new wallpaper, the fastest production, and delivery to the home. and for that team, Giffywalls controls the whole process from designing a mural or wallpaper to the finished paper and delivers it to your door with the fastest shipping process.

Giffywalls Creates and selects each design carefully and all design before on the web our team tested completely and tried on some walls and then finally, we serve to you.

We aim to design your wall to a WOW Look.

Our Mission is to make the world's first Home Decor Company with quality items that people love. The Designer and production team, working day-night to full fill your all custom requirements of wall decor items. we deliver our products to the end of any corner of earth carefully and fast.

Our Story

Giffywalls was founded in 2019 by Dipan and Pathik Patel. But, this story started already back in 1999 with the name of Bhunesh art, and Vasudev Image was founded on the idea of designing walls and decor space with handmade art.

Two Brothers started with new and advanced technology to serve quality products worldwide with the most advance and easy e-store. We soon learned and got interested in new wallpaper techniques. Digital printing technology was still an innovation when the couple chose to try it out. Giffywalls is their third company that adopts this particular printing technique and focuses it online. Team Giffywalls love wallpapering.

Design Studio

Our Designers are very creative regarding wallpaper and Murals Design, they paint, print, and sketch it digitally and experiment with each design on the wall. All wallpaper is designed crafted very carefully. our team also works perfectly on color gamut with digitally printed wallpaper Murals.

Each Design tested under all possible aspects and viewing angles to look at your space extraordinary.

If you are looking for custom wallpaper then our master designer team can reconstruct as per your ideas to decor your walls.

Our Production

Giffywalls Work with the world's topmost and very advanced technology of digital wallpaper print. Our experience regarding printing technology gives the best and very accurate output. our wall murals are crafted especially for you as custom orders we never stock a roll in our warehouse due to environmental waste reasons. so we have our in-house production facility with the most accurate production teams

Our team designed a workflow integration process on the computer system which is very helpful to reduce errors and the entire system works very nicely to make your wallpaper comes on time and with very accurate material and quality.

Our Tonar

We ensure sustainable sourcing of our paper and use water-based inks which are odorless and safe. Our inks are UL ECOLOGY®, UL GREEN GUARD GOLD Certified. Hence, all our prints meet the AgBB criteria, International Wallcovering Industry Standards

We also make use of the state-of-the-art GREEN GUARD certified HP LATEX printer, which is the most awarded printing technology in the world. Not only does it ensure the highest quality output, but also guarantees that our products are eco-friendly. And what's more, we plant one tree on every purchase with the concept deeply embedded in my mind. Thus, when you buy from Giffywalls, be rest assured about the quality.

On every purchase, we plant a tree

We plant one tree on every purchase with the concept deeply embedded in our minds.

Save Earth Now

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With our simple 3 way process, you will find yourself zipping through the online ordering in a Giffywalls. We accept all major Debit & Credit Cards through a 100% safe online payment gateway.

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