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Welcome to our spirited wallpaper for kids world, where each design has an imaginative story to tell and turns a room into a colorful wonderland. Whether you are freshening up a nursery or overhauling a teen’s retreat, our collection runs the gamut of ages and preferences. Whether you fancy a more playful look with our Space Theme wallpapers or want to go on an underwater adventure with our Underwater designs. Our superhero wallpapers bring daring escapades for the little heroes.

And remember — we have wallpapers for all childhood stages: 0-1 year kids, 1-3 year toddlers, 3-5 year Preschoolers, 6-12 year school children. It provides just the right backdrop for helping a child develop a love for reading and growing up in the process.

Our wallpapers are More than just a pretty face, they are long lasting, non-toxic, and easy to maintain and are made from the Best in Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic materials. Make them interactive with our Magnetic Wallpaper or chalkboard wallpaper perfect for the mini artist. If you are interested in including piece of mind to your play spaces, check out our Soundproof Wallpapers. Selecting one of the softer pale or bright colours, or even one of the educational related themes will certainly make for a very fun learning experience. Peel and Stick Wallpapers make for some of the quickest and easiest installation and clean-up, enabling your child to be bigger, more imaginative and more free in a room that is as busy as they are.

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