Tiger Wallpaper

Dive into the wild with our Tiger Wallpaper collection, where the majesty of tigers transforms your walls into a breath-taking display. From the vibrant scenes on a wallpaper of the Bengal tiger to the playful pink big cat wallpaper, each design promises a stunning visual impact. Choose our high-resolution tiger photo wallpaper to bring the jungle into your home, or choose the tiger peel and stick wallpaper for a hassle-free update. Whether you’re drawn to the ferocity of an angry tiger print wallpaper or the notion of a cute tiger print, our range offers something for every taste and decor style. Explore now and find your perfect match!

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What is Tiger Wallpapers?


Tiger wallpapers can be colorful, bold wallcoverings that are designed in tiger scenes and set with jungle backdrops or abstract settings. You will find these wallpapers beautiful due to the visuals that they present, and this way, it allows you to lift up any place. These can range from photo-realistic to artistic interpretations, depending on different tastes and decor themes. Tiger wallpapers offer the opportunity to make a statement in a home with boldness and wild elegance. Perfect for animal lovers or someone wanting to give their surroundings a little touch of adventure, tiger wallpaper is available in peel and stick as well as the typical application.

Famous Tiger-Themed Wall Murals


Royal View of Jungle Wallpaper Murals


Explore the majestic wilds where tigers are on your own. This mural portrays a wilderness in its pure form, mixing exotic green with the majesty of tigers.


Tropical Tiger Wallpaper Murals

Enter a lush jungle and explore the life of vividly color flora with hidden tigers stalking behind. Great to give a little exotic touch to any room.


Tiger Dynasty Wallpaper Mural

Capture in one timeless scene both the grace and might of tigers as they have existed throughout generations.


Sleepy Tiger Wallpaper

Including this dozing tiger mural immediately makes for a very interesting image that gives off tranquility with just enough wildness in what is supposed to be a peaceful setting.


Tropical Wildlife Haven Wall Mural

You will reside at a luxury wildlife sanctuary blending with the forest where tigers and other tropical animals roam free.


Wildlife Wonders Wallpaper Mural

One of the most stylish tiger murals you can have is definitely this one, that brings some magic and glamour with it!


Tiger in Green Forest

Step inside the thick, enigmatic green woods where shadows dance with light in a game of hide-and-seek and fierce tigers dominate their kingdom through silent strength.


Tiger Gaze Hypnotic Wallpaper

A tiger looks to be seen every day. This is a tiger mural with wild eyes that will help you make them pop out.


Zigzag Tiger Stripe Wallpaper

Blending the natural beauty of a tiger’s coat with contemporary design, zigzag stripes will add drama to your decor.


Wallpaper for Tiger in Every Room


Living Room Focus

Choose for wallpaper on the tiger; this tumultuous animal called your living room will add a natural charm and invite you to life!


Bedroom Style

Embrace the wild in your space with the tiger-patterned bedroom decor, a subtly fierce touch ideal for cultivating an environment where rest meets adventure.


Children’s Rooms

Get your kid's room racing with these playful tiger patterns, and create the perfect environment to get imaginations running wild.


Home Office Inspiration

A slightly more subdued tiger print can look right at home in a dedicated office space while maintaining focus and creativity.


Bengal Tiger Elegance

For a refuge unlike any other, furnish your Hallway with wallpaper that includes the graceful elegance and serenity of nature, such as this Bengal Tiger.


Vibrant and Unique Wallpaper Designs for Every Taste


Orange Tiger Design

Bring a smile to the face of anyone in the room with these orange tiger styles, deep and bright lines that emit an aura relevant to warmth particularly conducive towards cheerfulness


Blue Tiger Aesthetic

A Blue Tiger pattern looks surreal and artistic with cool blue stripes over the calming background and is a perfect choice for contemporary spaces.


Black Tiger Elegance

Black Tiger patterns give a classy and dramatic effect to your wall, ideal for accentuating statement walls with an enigmatic force.


Pink Tiger Charm

Soft pink tiger wallpaper adds a playful and whimsical touch to any interior, ideal for nurseries or feminine spaces.


White Tiger Style

Elegant white tiger designs feature striking stripes over a serene white background, bringing a peaceful yet exotic flair to the decor.


Explore the Rich Palette of Tiger Stripe Wallpapers


Orange with Black or Brown Stripes

Add a hint of the Untamed to your living space with This Tiger Mural Wallpaper. An eye-catching statement: This striking mural channels the natural stripes of a tiger enlaced with vibrant orange interspersed with deep black or brown to create a captivating focal wall in any room.


White with Black Stripes

Turn your interior into a peaceful yet bold retreat with our White with Black Stripes Tiger Mural Wallpaper. With a contemporary tiger print, the refined design features an abstract and stylish monochrome theme. Perfect for producing a dramatic backdrop, making it ideal if you are heavy on black minimal aesthetics.


Golden with Cinnamon Stripes

Up your interior decor with the opulent feel of our Golden with Cinnamon Stripes Tiger Mural. A perfect blend of luxurious golden shades and deep cinnamon stripes to create a stately, exotic mood on the walls. Ideal for a little bit of luxury and glamour without it being too time-stamped. Great way to give any room some personality!


Dark Brown Stripes

Immerse yourself in the deep, earthy elegance of our Dark Brown Stripes Photo Wallpaper. This mural features rich, dark brown stripes, providing a bold and sophisticated backdrop that enhances any room. Perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere, it adds a touch of refined style to your decor.


Discover Diverse Tiger Prints Wallpaper Styles


Realistic Depictions

Introduce the unbroken wilderness with authentic tiger designs that will transport nature's true state of nature right into your living room.


Abstract Interpretations

Abstract tiger designs offer artistic flair with stylized stripes and shapes for a trendy, creative look.


Vintage Prints

Go for some vintage tiger prints that would leave you a bit nostalgic, and these could simply help add to the look of all of your rooms with their traditional feel.


Modern Faces

Choose modern tiger face wallpapers to create a statement and home in on images of tigers rendered artistically, giving it the edge over the conventional take.


Current Trends in Tiger Prints Décor


3D Designs

Enjoy a level of dimensionality and realisticness through 3D designs that can give tiger patterns a shape as though the animals are jumping out from any wall, filling even small spaces with rich Bengal life.


Eco-Friendly Options

Select sustainable tiger patterned wallpaper that gives style yet is one of the ecological wallpapers.


Popular Patterns

Follow modern patterns that accent with clever tiger designs to make them feel outright in your think contemporary!


Minimalist Choices

Take comfort in simplicity via some minimalist tiger prints that are sure to complete any modern design.


Benefits of Choosing Tiger Photo Wallpapers


Easy Installation

These are no-hassle wallpapers that take a matter of minutes to install and make this simple paper not just flat but in 3D, which can make any boring space unique.


Enhanced Durability

Designed for durability, this type of wallpaper lasts and continues to display the tiger design all along.


Washable Options

Washable wallpaper is perfect for high-traffic zones, enabling you to clean the tiger designs without causing damage.


Colorfast Technology

These wallpapers are colorfast, so they do not fade, which means that the tiger stripes will stand out even in direct sunlight.


Advanced Features of Wallpaper for Tiger Photo


Waterproof Quality

The combination of aesthetics and function is wicked good: you can put up some waterproof wallpaper in your bathroom or kitchen without morphing into a tiger.


UV Protection

UV protection comes with this wallpaper for the tigers in order to prevent fading from sunlight, hence keeping the vivid colors and designs of tiger prints.


Customizable Sizes

Our tiger wallpaper can be made to any size, enabling it to fit perfectly on your walls, whether they are big or small.


Fire Resistance

For added security, we offer fire-resistant tiger wallpapers that are designed to halt the spread of flames if a fire were to occur in your home.


Unleash the Wild in Your Space!


Experience the attractive power of nature with our latest Tiger Wallpapers collection. Whether the agitated, fierce stare of a tiger in anger or the calm, serene beauty and elegance that comes with Bengal tigers, there are many wonderful types of animal wallpapers that can be used for redecorating your walls. Our tiger wallpaper border would be at home in the room of a big cat lover or simply as an unexpected touch to your wild decor. Why wait? Get the jungle in your home today, and let those walls roar! Explore Our Collection Now!

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