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Looking to give your home a fresh new look? Shop by Style has everything you need to create the perfect style for your space. With our huge selection of wallpaper, you can find the perfect pattern to match your personality and taste. Whether you're looking for something bold and bohemian, or sleek and Scandinavian, we've got you covered. And don't forget about our amazing collection of wall decor - with options like art decor and retro designs, you can really make a statement in any room. So why wait? Start shopping by style today!

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  1. Gold Lines
    Geometric office wallpaper
  2. White Brush
    White Brush Stroke Wallpaper
  3. Black Brush
    Black Brush Stroke Wallpaper
  4. Lighting Pixels
    Gold Light Pixels Wallpaper
  5. Triangles
    Triangle Shape Geometric Wallpaper
  6. Mughal
    Mughal Garden Oil paint Wallpaper Mural
  7. Bohemian Rainbow
    Boho Rainbow Nursery Wallpaper
  8. Boho Shapes
    Bohemian Beige Watercolor Wallpaper
  9. Green Gold
    Geometric abstraction of hexagons Wallpaper Mural
  10. Crackle
    Old Crackle Cement Wallpaper Mural
  11. Tangle
    Neutral floral pattern wallpaper mural
  12. Vibrant Daze
    Dual-color shaded abstract design
  13. Hacked Concrete
    Modern Hacked concrete wallpaper mural
  14. Wild West
    Wild west prairies wallpaper mural
  15. Abstract mosaic
    Retro mosaic wallpaper mural
  16. Crumbled Blue Art
    Crumbled blue wallpaper mural
  17. Motif Strokes
    Stroke patterns wallpaper mural
  18. Linear Motif
    Linear pattern wallpaper mural
  19. Inky Ruins
    Inked ruins wallpaper mural
  20. 90’s Florence
    Uniquely designed tress wallpaper mural
  21. Dazzled tiles
    Dazzled tiles wallpaper mural
  22. Azure patterns
    Blue Tile-Mosaic patterns wallpaper mural
  23. Grayscale leopard
    Leopard in a grayscale wallpaper mural
  24. Sketchy Hills
    Sketchy hills wallpaper mural
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