Pelican Wallpaper

Explore our pelican wallpaper collection and experience the serenity and grace. This pelican collection of wallpapers holds the grace and peaceful sophistication of these majestic birds, expressing the calm and tranquility of nature in any space. That way, whether looking to decorate a living room, bedroom, or commercial space, you can find everything from bold and vivid pelican prints and modern interpretations to the subtle elegance of the American pelican bird wallpaper. Ideal for the animal lover and those looking to incorporate an intriguing natural theme, our pelican mural range is perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind space. Choose from realistic to abstract art styles that deliver a powerful visual to calm and provide a lighter feel.

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What is Pelican Wallpaper?

Pelican wallpaper is a type of wall decor that showcases the look of pelicans - showcasing these beautiful creatures in a variety of designs and artistry of your choice. Pelican is a tribute to the unique bird. It captures the pelican in its iconic silhouette, seeking food in its natural environment: in flight, while resting, and on land in a beautiful coastal location. It is perfect for creating a nature-themed look in any room and provides a calming, refreshing feel to interior spaces.


Types of Pelicans in Pelican Wallpaper

Australian Pelican (Pelicanus conspicillatus)

The Australian Pelican is a naturally vibrant subject; with its broad wings and dagger-like beak, it looks spectacular in many coastal setting wallpapers.

Dalmatian Pelican (Pelicanus crispus)

One of the heaviest flying birds, images of this species are ideal for creating a peaceful atmosphere in wallpapers with their attractive plumage and calm demeanor.

American White Pelican (Pelicanus erythrorhynchos)

The American White Pelican is a beautiful addition to wallpapers because of its distinctive white plumage and stinging-color feathers. It is an excellent design with many themes that are suitable for traditional and contemporary spaces.

Brown Pelican (Pelicanus occidentalis)

This pelican with shades of brown and yellow can be seen in many wallpapers that relate to the warmth and adventure of tropical and seaside homes.

Great White Pelican (Pelicanus onocrotalus)

The Great White Pelican is often depicted in a detailed, captivating style, and its large size and social tendencies make it a popular choice among bird lovers.

Spot-billed or Gray Pelican (Pelicanus philippensis)

Distinctive wallpaper patterns reveal the special touch of this species with its spotted bill and light feathers (subtle wall decor).

Pink-backed Pelican (Pelicanus rufescens)

This pelican has a pink back that adds a nice touch of color and fun to the entertaining and artistic wallpaper patterns.

Peruvian Pelican (Pelicanus thagus)

Wallpapers using the beautiful and powerful image of the Peruvian pelican bring a piece of the South American coast into your living or working space with its large size and contrasting presence.

All the different species of pelican add a touch of individual style and grace to the pelican wallpaper, which suits this style of decor well with its naturally beautiful resemblance.


Pelican Wallpaper Transformed with Tonal Mutations

Light Pelican Style

Choose a light pelican design to impart to your spaces a breath of fresh air and a sense of ease and peace with excellent shading color and gentle image.

Dark Pelican Mural

For a daring statement, go for a dark pelican mural, which is perfect for every room type seeking a dramatic centrepiece due to the rich tones and detailed artwork.

Vibrant Pelican Patterns

Incorporate bold pelican designs to liven up your room with rich hues and active imagery that reflects the lifestyle of these stately fliers.


Where to use pelican wallpaper?

In the kids room

For more playful and educational styling, you have the pelican as a character design, presented using a friendlier, more colourful design.

In the office wallpaper

Pelican bird wallpaper in the office can bring a calm, nature-inspired character, ideal for a quiet work environment.

In the kitchen design

However, kitchen pelican design wallpapers often feature bright and playful prints, which can contribute to a generally more energetic atmosphere in the kitchen, such as scenes where pelicans appear.

In the living room

A minimalist pelican, bird living room wallpaper offers a calm and elegant style that is great for quiet rooms.

In the nursery room

The soft and gentle pelican theme makes these a perfect backdrop for the tranquility of a child's nursery.


What Styles of Pelican Wallpaper Are Available?

Vintage Pelican Wallpaper

Create a timeless, nostalgic decor look with Pelican Vintage Wallpaper featuring illustrations of pelicans.

Modern Pelican Art Wallpaper

Modern Pelican Art wall murals showcase a trendy, contemporary look with minimalist motifs and fresh color that upgrade any space.

Abstract Pelican Wallpaper

Beautifully illustrative, Pelican Abstract Wallpaper celebrates visual artistry with creative output designed in artistic form using contrasting shapes and a vibrant, unexpected color palette.


Latest Trends in Pelican Wallpaper

Minimalist Wallpaper Trends

These minimalist pelican wallpapers speak of simplicity and elegance, with understated designs and neutral palettes that play well in contemporary living spaces.

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

Pelican Eco textile wallpapers are sustainable, plastic-free alternatives to traditional wallpapers that represent an excellent solution for eco-conscious decor that makes nature feel even more natural.

3D Wall Murals

Pelican 3D murals reflect realism and somehow look as if the pelican is flying from the ceiling to the floor.


What are the Materials Used for The Pelican Wallpaper?

Vinyl Wallpapers

Pelican vinyl wallpapers are durable and cleanable, which makes them an obvious choice for high-traffic areas and any medium where any moisture can be an issue (ex., Bathrooms, Kitchens).

Temporary Wall Murals

For renters or a seasonal change of decor, this can easily be added to walls without damage.

Non-woven Wallpapers

Breathable pelican non-woven wallpapers make for easier installation and removal and are great for any room.


What do you get with Pelican wallpaper?

Easy to apply

Our Pelican wallpapers are easy to apply, making them quick and hassle-free, making them ideal for those who want to freshen up their space without having to go through the complexities of painting.

Durable murals

Choose sturdy Pelican murals that will last a long time - ideal for high-traffic spaces - and maintain their visual interest.

Washable wall coverings

Pelican wall coverings are also washable, resistant to cleaning with a damp cloth, and practical, so recommended for kitchens and children's rooms.


Which Custom Features You Can Get on Pelican Wallpaper?

Customizable Wallpaper Sizes

It is offered in custom sizes so it can fit your wall dimensions, which ensures you will get the correct fitting and bespoke look for your exact space.

UV Resistant Mural

Select UV Resistant Pelican Murals: Made to last and maintain color and vibrancy in the sun for vibrant, long-lasting images.

Peel and Stick Wallpapers

Pelican peel and stick wallpapers are great user-friendly options that can be applied or removed with ease and are well suited for temporary or transitional decors.


Which Seasonal Patterns Can You Find in the Pelican Wallpaper?

Summer-Themed Wallpaper

Summer Wallpaper with Pelicans (Pelicans in Summer): The vibe of summer is captured perfectly in these vibrant and sunny wallpaper themes, where you find lots of bright colors and really surreal beach scenes.

Spring Pelican Patterns

The pelicans in this design are dancing with ease amidst bizarre pelican behaviours on glorious spring pelican-patterned backgrounds and colorful new beginnings in nature.

Majestic Winter

Most winter wallpapers feature stunning Pelican birds sitting against snowy backdrops, and this provides a calm and icy look.

Rainy inspired

A set of pelicans, inspired by a day of rain, feature the sky and water under various moods of reflection, a gentle and somewhat contemplative mood.


Who are pelican wallpapers for?

Bird Lovers

If you are a bird enthusiast, any lover of pelican theme wallpapers will definitely add that ambiance of life you are looking for and need most; why not? Accurate and really detailed pelican species in their natural habitats will enhance the feel of your ornithologist's office or living space.

Coastal Homes

Pelican designs are great for those who live by the sea or want to embody that feeling in their home, as they match perfectly with coastal homes, nautical decor, and cool sea themes.

Kid Friendly Prints

Available in a range of kid-friendly colors and playful designs, pelican prints are a playful home decor touch for a kid’s room or playground.


How to decorate interiors with pelican patterns?

DIY Pelican Wall Decor

Find or create stencils, decals, or hand-paint to create a personalized space. Turn plain pelican sentiments into something that expresses your personality and creativity.

Pelican-Themed Room Ideas

Transform rooms into a seaside paradise with pelican decor. Add Pelican Wallpaper. Other key factors for creating a cohesive, relaxing coastal atmosphere include Integrated textiles and Nautical accessories that match the pelican wallpaper.

Wildlife-Inspired Wallpaper

Bring the outdoors inside with vibrant marine and shorebird print wallpaper, such as the Pelican Molecular Illustration, which is perfect for adding an eco-focused design element that celebrates diversity.


Discover Our Pelican Wallpaper Collection

Our beautiful Pelican wallpaper collection is here to enhance your space! From the elegant glide of the Australian and American White Pelicans to the stunning scenes of Pelican madness and art on wallpaper, there is nothing better than our selection, an elegant and wonderful tribute to these gorgeous birds. Suppose you want a place to relax and have a nature-inspired nature-inspired bedroom with DIY Pelican wall decor, or you want home redecoration ideas to transform a room into a wildlife room wallpaper. In that case, we have tried to offer something for everyone. Check out our range today to bring cozy coastal and nature-inspired style to your home. Shop now! Free your walls without scrolling your dreams.

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