How to Install Wallpaper

Make sure to check the wall is clean, smooth and dry is the main factor for a successful installation. The wall surface should be free from any old backing paper and such as dust, grease, dirt, ink stains; any of these can prevent adhesion taking place. Ensure that nothing on the wall before installation.

  • Prepare Wall
  • Stick to wall
  • Trim Edges
  • Look Stunning

Required Tools




Spirit Level

Screw Driver


Step Ladder


Get Ready

Check the Pattern

  • Unroll your wallpaper or Mural & separate the panels.
  • Repeating Patterns or else Mural We give each panel a number on top of the Mural or wallpaper just like (1,2,3).
  • Each panel will have a white header which shows the number and name of wallpaper with customer name which looks pretty cool.


Repeat Patterns


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Prepare your wall

  • Remove any socket / switch covers and Switch off Main Power if Possible.
  • Remove nails / screws and fill in any cracks.
  • Make sure to smoothen up the wall if any spot on the wall.
  • Use Sponge with warm water and mild soap to clean walls, make sure to dry for a few hours.

Mark Plumb Line

  • Be Sure that the first strip is hung straight is necessary for successful installation of your wallpaper.
  • Measure a strip width and Mark same strip’s width on the wall with a pencil then hold a plumb line or spirit level on the mark to draw a vertical line from top to bottom.
  • This will give you a guide when hanging the first strip to ensure it’s hung straight.

Hang on Wall

  • After marking on wall peel off backing paper of First wallpaper panel atleast 1 feet from the top.
  • Position it on the wall till end of the ceiling top line and overlap on it at least 1 inch which you may trimmed it after all panel install
  • You and your helper will align the from top to bottom panels’ edge with plumb line.
  • Once you aligned, stick the top of the panel and check the alignment. If any adjustments are necessary then simply peel it off and reapply again.

Repeat Till End

  • Continue the previous stages for each strip until they are installed. Continue to smooth and wipe away excess as you go.
  • Pull away the backing paper down 2 feet and use the felt-tipped squeegee to smooth it onto the wall.
  • Repeat the process all the way down and then smooth out any air bubbles.

Trim Extra strips

  • Bring New blade to perfect trimming of extra wallpaper edges.
  • Hold the straight-edge firmly in place and trim the edges of the wallpaper.
  • * Using a straight edge and a sharp knief, cut down the middle of the overlap through both panels. When cutting keep the knief pressed on the wall at all times, moving the straight edge downwards as you cut. Lifting the knief from the wall can cause the join to be uneven. (*Optional Step)

Perfect !

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back!

You've done it perfectly.

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