Wallpaper & Wall Murals FAQ

Q. What to make sure if the wallpaper is right for my space or paint?

A. The trend is set to paint the three walls and add up a spice by adding statement art of wallpaper on one side of the paint.

Q. Does wallpaper leave sticky matter when it is removed?

A. High quality doesn’t leave any sticky matter when you remove the wallpaper. Removing wallpaper is easy when the wallpaper is pasted on the plain wall.

Q. I want to wallpaper my room by myself. Can I do it?

A. Yes. You can stick the wallpaper all by yourself. You need to just keep a few things in mind when you are pasting wallpaper on the wall.

Q. Do you provide samples of wallpapers?

A. Yes, we offer sample wallpapers for your assistance. We provide samples that are 12” Inch wide and 8” Inch high. Charges are applicable for sample wallpapers.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept all major debit and credit cards. We also accept PayPal.

Q. How do I know the payment method is secured?

A. Security of any kind is a priority in our firm. We use SSL technology to secure the data and browsing of our customers on our website. Secured payment getaways are provided to entrust the security concern of our clients.

Q. When does the placed order gets shipped?

A. The order is shipped within 24 hours once successful order is placed. If there is any bank or national holiday, we ship the project in the next working day.

Q. I mistakenly entered a different address and I want my order to get delivered to another address. What do I do?

A. No problem. You need to email us immediately on first hand or contact our customer care executive to change the delivery address of the order that’s been already placed.

Q. I want to place a return request for my order. What do I do?

A. As you see all our wallpaper and Mural print is custom made so we are unable to make a return. But if Any Damage issue or any king issue with printing then just feel free to contact our support team via email. We Definitely Ready to solve your problem.

Q. Can I wallpaper a wall that already has wallpaper on it?

A. Yes, but it will not give the smooth finish of the wallpaper as it will give on the smooth surface wall.

Q. How to avoid bubbles while pasting the wallpaper?

A. Air bubbles can be entrapped while pasting the wallpaper on the wall. To make sure of the smooth application of the wallpaper you need to start from one side of the wallpaper and keep pressing the wallpaper on the wall. You can brush the wallpaper down the center then too if there’s any bubble left slightly lift the wallpaper and re-brush and paste it again.

Q. Some space is still left after I pasted all the rolls of the wallpaper. What should I do?

A. As guidance we always tell our clients to purchase an extra roll because while mixing and matching the patterns, some gaps are left. To cover those gaps extra roll can come for the rescue.

Q. Where do I find you on social media?

A. You can search our various social media platforms to get updated with the newest collections or you can simply click the below social media buttons(on footer) that will redirect you to our page.

Q. The wallpaper edges are not sticking properly, they keep lifting. Please tell me the solution.

A. We offer high-quality wallpapers so the problem cannot be seen. But if by chance there’s any instance the adhesion problem on the corners of the walls can be solved. Apply an adequate amount of adhesive on the wall to let it stick. Don’t let the adhesive get dried before you paste the wallpaper.

Q. Do I have to apply the paste before sticking the wallpaper?

A. There are two different types of wallpapers: one which is self-adhesive and the second one is which needs a paste to stick. It depends on the type of wallpaper you want for your space.

Q. What to do if I have applied too much paste?

A. It is for sure important to know how much amount of wallpaper should be used to stick the wallpaper. It should not be too little that it doesn’t stick to the walls and it should not be too much that your wallpaper creases.

Q. Why it is important to prep the walls before sticking the wallpaper?

A. To ensure the smooth application of the wallpaper on the walls, the wall is needed to be prepped. Make sure that the wall is plain and smooth or there are not any old residues or dust on the walls. If you have wallpaper stick to the wall, make sure that there is no old paste.

Q. Why is it important to check the ‘soak times’?

A. The ‘soak times’ is the period of the wallpaper to expand to its maximum width (not the length). The soak time is indicated on the label. Over and under soaking should not be done.

Q. How long does it take for a wallpaper to get completely dry?

A. The wallpaper takes 2 to 7 days to get completely dry out. It may vary on certain conditions like atmospheric conditions, surface, or the type of adhesive that is used to stick the wallpaper.

Q. Will, it Damage my wall or Wall Print?

A. No! if you're Looking for Peel & stick wallpaper that does not damage paint or wall if the wall is painted with some Heavy and Premium Company Colors. You are on the Safe side with Giffywalls.

Q. Will, it Sticks to a Wooden or Tiled surface

A. Yes, You may stick on Any Smooth Surface which is Stick for as long as you want. Select Peel and Stick Materials.

Q. Sample Print comes same as Real wallpaper colors and design?

A. yes, Definitely The Sample is the Small-size print of the actual print of wallpaper. No Color Difference Happens.

Q. Can Wallpaper Shrinks?

A. Generally, paper and Vinyl wallpaper have an inherent tendency to Shrink. Giffywalls Use Textured Material that never shrinks.

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