Hang photo murals on your walls can also upgrade the pieces themselves, transforming flea market finds.

You probably already know that displaying photos and artwork throughout your home is a great way to add personality to the space.

Check out these 6 creative ways to display your photo Murals

Range from vintage-inspired picture rails to modern ledges and everything in between. You’re sure to find a display and composition you like ahead.

1) Photo murals In the Living Room or Family Room

The living room is the focal point of any home and probably one of the most important rooms. It is where all together, whether it is a family gathering playing board games or an evening with close friends.

Living Room Wallpaper

With our collection of photo murals for living room, you can easily create a setting that makes you feel good. Imagine your sofa with some beautiful soft pillows, a big cuddly blanket, and – most importantly – the people you love, all set against a backdrop mural that emphasizes the happiness of this room.

Doesn’t this sound wonderful? We believe so! And to help you decide, we’ve gathered wall murals for the living room in a variety of styles and colors to complement your furniture and personality. What style would you choose: minimalist, colorful, industrial, romantic, bohemian, vintage, urban, or perhaps a contemporary living room wall mural? Find out now and make your living room a destination!

2) Making Your Staircase Stand Out with photos murals

Staircase Stand Room Wallpaper Wall Murals

The best way to Make Your Staircase Stand Out with photos murals  Giffywalls Riser wallcovering, of course! Simply apply our decals to the existing risers for a quick and easy change! They print on a very tough vinyl substrate that is designed to withstand years of abuse.

3) In the Kitchen as Backsplash or Cabinet Murals

The backsplash refers to the area of your kitchen wall above the counters and below the upper cabinets or ventilation hood.

Kitchen Room Wallpaper Wall Murals

The backsplash was created to prevent grease, water, and food splatters from destroying the kitchen walls. Today, however, homeowners use backsplash as a focal point. Some homeowners are enlisting the help of artisans and designers to create custom backsplash wallpapers from images such as Tuscan landscapes, beach scenes, florals, geometric abstracts, and vineyard views.

Today’s backsplash is only limited by the homeowner’s imagination and budget. Peel-and-stick pattern wallpapers murals,  Cabinet Murals, painted planks, breadboards, and markdown tile are some of the more affordable backsplash options.

4) An Outdoor Feature with a Custom Guest room Mural

Guest Room Wallpaper For Walls

Guest room wall murals are used for advertising or as environmental art. We can produce guest room wall murals and building wraps for nearly any situation thanks to our cutting-edge print quality and a large selection of wall covering materials. When it comes to outdoor murals, it’s critical to choose a material that’s appropriate for the surface it’ll be applied to, so browse the options and get in touch if you need assistance.

Vinyl wall coverings or adhesive vinyl depending on the surface and environment. We have products that are suitable for both long and short-term use.

Wall murals can be small or large enough to cover an entire building, so your only limitations are your imagination and your budget.

The price per square foot is affected by the size, quantity, and options selected, so make sure to click on any material of interest, enter the size and quantity, and select any appropriate options to see the specific price for any product.

5) Photo murals As Partition Walls to Separate Spaces

Partition Walls Wall Murals

Space dividers have a lot to offer. These partitions add beauty and privacy to dorm rooms, share bedrooms,  and anywhere else where a quick floor plan fix is need. We’ve compiled a list of gorgeous inspirational and DIY ideas for any space, indoors or out. First and foremost: In a dorm room, this sleek shelving unit provides instant privacy as well as much-needed storage. The Photo murals are ideal for creating some separation without completely enclosing your space.

6) Photo murals Create an Accent Wall in a Dining Room

Many dining rooms have a large painting or mirror on one wall that draws the eye and serves as a focal point. According to Giffywalls, this makes it an easy choice for a dining room accent wall.

Dining Room Wallpaper For Walls

If the room only has one entryway, the wall opposite it is the first thing you see, making it an obvious choice for highlighting. Accent walls are those with decorative windows or French doors. Choose the back wall if the dining room is a nook off one side of the kitchen.

 FAQs on Photo Murals 

Are wall murals outdated?

Wall murals have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade, and 2021 is no exception.

What is the primary disadvantage of mural painting?

A mural is a strong design element. It will take over the entire wall and become the room’s focal point. If your room is already crowded with large objects, adding a mural may make it feel cluttered and claustrophobic.

What are the advantages of mural painting?

They start important conversations and broaden people’s minds. Murals also serve as collective thinking spaces. Through what they depict, they can generate discussion about a topic or community issue!

What distinguishes a mural painting from other types of paintings?

Color, design and thematic treatment can all significantly alter the perception of a building’s spatial proportions.


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