Kids wallpaper


Quench your kids’ imagination with the widest range of kids’ bedroom wallpaper. Gear up and fuel your kids’ creativity and let them increase their knowledge with good surroundings. All that a kid wants is to have playful things nearby them. Watch your kid enjoying the company of certain things that helps them grow better.

If you are parenting you must know what all things a kid wants to be cheered up. Ain’t you? Well, we will not disappoint you at all. Giffy walls have an exclusive variety of wallpaper for children’s bedrooms.

Radiant Rainbow

If your kid is in the pre-school or primary section, they must be learning the names of colors. And adding colors to space instantly brightens up space. It opens up space and spread positivity all around.  Correct us if we are wrong.

Make a statement wall for your kids’ room with the bright colors of the rainbow. The rainbow splashes rising between the clouds. Set a beautiful space for your kids’ room. The radiant rainbow wallpaper is perfect for nurseries or pre-schools. Add a little kids’ furniture to give the room perfect for child’s use.

Jungle Fun

Let your kid explore the wonders of nature. The jungle fun wallpaper is hand-painted on a pretty blue sky on which the greenery and the animals are designed. The combination of all the colors including dull green, grey, and sky blue comes together to make a beautiful jungle theme wallpaper.

The large motifs of the elephants and monkeys fuel their imagination and help them explore more things in the world. Use it to beautify the kids’ bedrooms and even nurseries and pre-schools. Teaming up with modern furniture will help fill the space.

Fairy’s Castle

Can’t agree more with the fact that girls love Barbie dolls in their childhood. Yes or no? Create a fascinating space for your little girl. Add vibrant colors with the fairy caste and mountains just like she watches in her cartoons. Make your kids happy by using the choice of colors and motifs that they want in their space.

Give a unique touch to the kids’ space with colorful vibes. Let your kid weave her fairytale by using the fairy’s castle wallpaper in their room.

Ocean Marvel

Let your kids dive in the blue ocean and experience the aquatic animals of the sea. It is a visual treat to watch and feel the ocean marvel wallpaper.

Get the real-life feeling of the ocean by using it in the kids’ room. The dozens of cuteness of the ocean marvel wallpaper for the cutest in the house. Team up with kiddie furniture or even modern furniture all will go perfectly fine with the wallpaper mural.

Kids’ Continent

Teach your kids the continents of the world and boost their knowledge joyfully. Get your kid a world map that helps you enhance their learning skills. The name of every continent is mentioned on the map which is painted beautifully on the blue base. The name of continents holds a small picture of the animals and cute clipart of monuments with them that attracts the kids.

Using it in a kids’ room helps them grow their knowledge skills better. It helps the kids of the nursery and pre-schools to get engaged in the knowledge space. Furniture in cute kiddie style or even ultra-modern will work best with the kids’ continent wallpaper.


There is nothing; superior to observing children enjoying their surroundings. They are produced with high quality to make them feel as real as in their natural habitat.

Let your kids befriend with the jungle mural wallpaper. Leave your kids with something meaningful and catch in the room by installing funny wallpapers for kids. This wallpaper comes with designs enriched with leaves and animals to give a warm and nice playing vibe to your kids. The kid’s wallpaper complements the child’s imagination and lets them daydream about the fancy animals when they see it.

It will not be ok if we don’t implement something cute in a wallpaper use to install in a kids’ room. Talking about the nursery and kids’ room first thing that comes up to mind is innocence and playfulness. All these wallpaper works well when installed in the child’s bedroom or nursery room.

The Lone Fawn

If you are looking for a modern yet playful vibe, it is one of the best options you can choose from. Cheeky wallpaper with fawn animals designed to balance with the geometry of the wallpaper. Sloths are designed on a perfect backdrop of rainforests to match the vibes of the wallpaper mural.

The lone fawn on the wallpaper imparts a funny illustration that works perfectly for the children’s room, nursery room. Let your child play with the cute baby sloths wallpaper in the room.

Hidden Hangouts

As the name suggests, it will be a hidden paradise wherever this wallpaper is installed in a room. The stray kid wallpaper is a piece of art that engages your child in a beautiful mess. The wallpaper is exclusively designed with perfect geometry and pattern that is repeated on the wallpaper. The wallpaper is based on a jungle theme with cute jungle animals painted and peeking out on it.

Neutral hues and watercolors impart a perfect combination of the jungle theme with little animals painted on the wallpaper. This wallpaper will amaze your kid with all the organic colors and the comfort of the nursery in their room.

Ocean Marvel

Imagine a boat with clipart animals sailing on it. Cute, isn’t it? The pastel-colored ocean wallpaper works best in the nursery and the child’s room. Friendly animals including dolphins and sharks are beautifully crafted upon a blue backdrop.

This wallpaper mural has earthy tones with playful designs and soft blue tones. It gives a more open feel to the room when installed in a bedroom. The wallpaper is a perfect mix of soft neutral and white tones.

Kids Dreamland

Just like how kids love to be in their natural habitat, in between the toys likewise animals also love to live in their natural habitat between the jungle and the woods. To make a perfect blend between the jungle and the kids, Giffy walls have come up with kids’ dreamland wallpaper.

Pastel and soft tones playful critters are designed on the wallpaper. Hot air balloons in between the white clouds floating transform the room majestically. The lovely tiny toy train on the hills overwhelms the child’s heart. White or neutral tones furniture can be paired with the wallpaper to give it a charm.

The Big Five

How about walking in a jungle barefooted on green grass with jungle animals like bears, deer, owls, and foxes? The breathtaking mural wallpaper with a woodland theme matches the vibe of the nursery and the kids’ bedroom.

This big five wallpaper comes with a watercolor hand-painted design to make a featured wall of the room. The adorable animals sit cutely on the wallpaper and transform the room effortlessly. Keep your child in touch with nature with the cute jungle animal wallpaper.

Last Words:

Giffy walls bring curiosity within your child just when they see cute and funny wallpaper designed exclusively for them. Let the inner child in your kid grow with the nature-filled mural kids wallpaper. Don’t let your inner child die. Fill your room with the cuteness overloaded by the wallpapers offered by Giffy walls.